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Carol’s Little Rules

I’ve been getting a few requests as of late to re-post my rules. Yes, it’s true; there are indeed rules to this chaos. Of course, they change slightly every time I post them, but I try to abide by them somewhat in the course of my ramblings. So, in no particular order, here are the rules:

* Carol’s Little World is a narcissistic blog. I write about what I want to write about when I want to write about it. You are more than welcome to make suggestions by emailing me, and frequently I do cover topics folks have suggested, but I make no promises. Content is strictly enforced by The Evil Dictator Carol and all of her decisions are FINAL.

* I have not yet and probably won’t anytime soon, reveal the identity of HIM. (No, you didn’t miss it, I just won’t give it up.)

* I do not actively try to route traffic to Carol’s Little World. Yes, it’s a public blog, but I don’t go around advertising it. Conversely, I don’t try to block traffic either, and I’m not “upset” if anybody happens along to sneak a peek. It’s a public journal and anybody is more than welcome to view it. (If you don’t like what you see, allow me to introduce you to Mr. BackButton.)

* Carol’s Little World exists because I’m cheap and I like easy things. As long as blogger is free and easy to use, I will continue an occassional post to this site. My “real” job is as a database programmer and so, as soon as maintaining this site becomes too much like “real work” or my “day job,” I will stop.

* Carol’s Little World, if you couldn’t tell from the title, is self-indulgent. I make no apologies for this. This site exists to help improve my communication skills and for my own enjoyment. I find it rather cathartic to post to an on-line journal. As long as it’s fun, it doesn’t hurt anybody, it doesn’t cost any money, and I have the time, I will continue to post.

* Carol (that’s me, in case you weren’t paying attention) can change the rules at any time. I am The Evil Dictator, the Wizard behind the curtain, the Lady with the Big Stick, etc. etc. Nobody else posts here but me. (Charlie hasn’t figured out how to type yet.)

* In case you did not notice, Carol cannot spell very well. I do not edit my weblog entries and I do not spell check them. Carol is a very “WYSIWYG” kind of gal. Once I post it, I move on in life and go do something else (like read a book, play with the dog, etc. etc.) I will refuse to respond to any email that contain tidbits like “there’s a typo….”

* I try to remain honest and true. While I do post an occassional verse of prose or song lyric, most of the content is the inner musings of my mushed-up mind.

* I cannot alter my writing style. Several people have written to me and suggested that I try to make Carol’s Little World sound “more formal.” This is the way I write. I have accepted it, learned to live with it, and I’m happy with it the way it is. Sure, it’d be great if I were the reincarnation of William Shakespeare but I’m not and so I prefer to think of myself as something closer to J.D. Salinger or something that’s entirely unique. I like being myself. The world would be a very boring place if we were all a bunch of Williams.

That’s all I can think of for now, although I’m sure there are more, including some I have yet to define.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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