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It’s Yer Birthday, Have a Funky Chicken

So, today’s my birthday, which makes it a special day in Carol’s Little World. Yes, it’s true, I believe I’m turning 29 for the seventh straight year. And, believe it or not, I’m only like 40 pounds heavier than I was the first time I turned 29. Isn’t that cool?

To mark my less than spectacular day, which also happens to be on a Monday this year, I stopped off on my way to work at Seattle’s Best Coffee and got myself a giant fru-fru coffee drink. A white chocolate mocha to be specific. I even got whipped cream and white chocolate on top. Wow! I’m caffeinated. And it was good too. I decided to mark my birthday by drinking a fru-fru coffee drink, rather than the usual swill we have lying around at work. I don’t know why, I was just tempted and deided to do it. And I wasn’t even all that late for work this morning, so I could drive slowly and sip. There’s something special about fru-fru coffee. It makes me all warm inside.

So, I get to work and my friend Craig has sent me this hilarous virutal birthday card link. I almost fell out of my chair. It had this chicken talked about birthday’s and sending me wishes, telling me to make something special of my day, “before those terrorists at KFC take me away.” HA! Believe me, when you’re day is going badly, a funky chicken can cheer you up big time. I’ll have to remember this next time somebody I know is feeling bad. I mean, I wasn’t all that sad, but I was laughing uncontrollably at the funky chicken. Everybody should have a funky chicken on their birthday. It’s just like par for the course or something.

And speaking of funkiness and chickens, Halloween’s coming up. It should be fun as it’s on a Friday this year. I used to hate the fact that my birthday was just before Halloween, now I’m loving it. I get to actually enjoy and orange and brown birthday cake and party like it’s 29 again on Friday night. Oh joy. Maybe I’ll even shake the tailfeathers off of the funky chicken.

Cluck, cluck.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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