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Greetings from my new Cubicle

A lot has happened since I wrote last. Cliff is no longer working at Baxter, which sucks, because now we all have to figure out what he was doing, which is going to be difficult to say the least. We’ve moved over to the new office, which is cool. I love the new digs. I have all these little mini shelves and a big bookcase to put all my junk in. I also got a really cool new pair of headphones and it’s a lot more quiet in here now than I can crank it while working away. My old office area was a real pain, so I suppose anything would be better, but this space is really nice. It’s in a new building, it’s quiet, and rather bright. I have a lot of room and I can actually move my chair back without the worry of rolling over somebody else. It feels good to have enough room for my extra-fat patoot. I guess the only way I could make it better is if I had Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces come over and fix my bookcase. Ummmm. Ty, the shelves are a bit off ok? Tee hee hee.

It’s been a kind of quiet August. Still trying to decide if and when to go to Mexico. Probably will try to sneak it in but, with the cost of film, saving up for a new digital printer, and all the crap that I’m doing at once, it’s going to be tight. This is making me really want to go though because, whenever I get broke and go to Mexico, I always have the best of times. Of course, it usually ends up with me getting waaaay too drunk on too many margaritas but, hey, isn’t that why they made Mexico in the first place? Nevermind. On second thought, don’t answer that. Still, day of the dead in San Miguel would be Hella cool. And I think anybody that actually bothers to read this knows I have this unexplainable thing for migas.

I spoke with Craig today. He says I should blow up my charge card and get a Nikon D100. I say, “maybe I should get Ty to come over and help me re-do my cell in debtors prision.” Oh don’t worry, Ty. We’ve already got a color scheme picked out. We’re doing black walls, a white ceiling, with stars painted into it, and, ummm, you’re going to have to help me somehow do something with those nice pretty silver bars, ok? Maybe I could go for a pewter look or something. Or you can just help me make ’em shiny. Get cracking ok? I’m expecting another Visa bill any day now.

Ok, here’s another question for you? What word do you use most as a rhetorical crutch? Is it “ahhh,” “ummmm,” or “hmmm?” I’ve noticed that I’ve been using “oh crap” way too much lately, which brings up that old question. Is “crap” a curse word or not? My father, whos answer really counts in a way, says no because it’s a man’s name (Crapper is the guy who invented the john, in case you were wondering.) Steve says, “no but it could be” and I’ve some other friends who say “definately yes.” I guess we’ll see if the blogger folks replace all my crappers with stars. Which would go incredibly well with the ones on the ceiling in my prision cell.

But, back to the question at hand, what word do I use the most? I guess it can best be described as “huummm” which is kind of a cross between “hmmm” and “ummm.” Yeah. That’s it.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and looking for stars.


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