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What is Courage?

It’s another Monday in River City. I just finished off my lunch, which consisted of 2 egg rolls and a fruit salad. I know, I know, don’t ask. It is very weird, but it’s what I wanted. My lunch is, indeed, strange today. Sometimes, standing up and saying, “I want that” is an act of courage in itself.

Which brings me to my next question (or actually, point to ponder). What exactly is courage? If somebody is assertive, and they stand up for their own choices, does that make it courage? Wouldn’t it be more like courage if a normally shy person got up and said, “I want that?” Isn’t courage really a question of context? (What’s “normal” in one context can be downright courageous in another.) Kind of like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, isn’t courage contained somehow within the act (and therefore, the actors by association?) Wouldn’t that make some people naturally more courageous than others?

We talk sometimes about taking a “shot of courage” but isn’t that really just lowering our inhibitions, not increasing our courage? Is courage inherent in someone or something (some act?) or is it like a big well, that can be called upon when needed?

The only thing I can relate it to is photography. A good photographer will sometimes tell you that there are striking images in the little things; the ordinary, the everyday. Isn’t courage the same way? Isn’t there really courage in the ordinary? Maybe the person who doesn’t stand up and say anything is really the one with all the courage? Maybe the person who is content on just being is the one with the courage? Kind of like zen and the art of bravery or something. Which, by the way, goes really well with egg rolls.

Until next time, pass the duck sauce please,


“The corageous Carol in Carol’s Little World”


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