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Nothing New in a While/Moving Sideways at the Speed of Sound

Well, there’s been nothing new for a while. I’m still puttering about the ‘hood on the bike. Sure, I suppose I’m getting a little faster, but not much. It’s been too damn hot to bike. It’s been too damn hot to do much of anything. Although I should not complain, as it was like the coldest July on record here in the Lone Star State. August, however, is shaping up to be all too typical.

Lately it feels as if much has happened but nothing is finished. The economy seems to be going sideways deliberately. It’s almost as if somebody is pushing it. “No I said THAT way!” My sister sold her house in San Francisco for a record amount of $$$ and will be moving to Austin soon. My imood hasn’t changed since the beginning of the web which, as far as I can tell, is sometime in 1970 (were you even BORN then?) Vern keeps doing brown rooms on Trading Spaces. (Not that I’m complaining here, mind you. I LOVE a good brown room. Especially a good VERN brown room.) My only complaint? There just isn’t enough Ty in the world. Man, he’s a hottie. (Hotter than August in Austin, I suppose, although quite a goof ball.) HE has been doing ok. Waiting to get laid off like everybody else, I suppose. Enjoying the summertime. Tonight is national night out so I will go home, sit out, and do what I always do after work (go home, sit out and watch the sun go down.)

Alan Greenspan may be knighted. Yes, that kind of knight. The nice British lady whacking you with a knife kind of knight. Just like Mick Jagger. But not Eric Clapton. Go figure. If I weren’t so busy moving sideways at the speed of sound, I’d be wallowing in it.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off and moving THAT way.


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