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Ted’s Last Goodbye

OK. Maybe it won’t be his last. But it was fun. We went to Trudy’s (seems to be a popular hangout as of late) for, what else, migas and ‘ritas. Then we went bowling. We had a small group, but it was kind of fun. For the most part, I really enjoy going out with friends, when I get the opportunity.

There was one person, who I had never met before, who refused to pay. Damn, I hate it when people do that. We were dividing up the bill and we calculated that it was $16 per person. Somebody didn’t cough up the dough and we left a crappy tip. I really hate that. Especially in my inner circle of friends. If anybody were to ever pipe up, “I don’t have the $$$” somebody else would gladly pay up. I don’t know what it is, I have this thing about tightwads lately. I really cannot stand them and, especially as of late, I keep running into them. If you are a tightwad and you are reading this, please GO AWAY! I’ve had enough, thank you.

Other than that, it was fun. Ted was his usual…..SELF. Which makes me almost glad he’s leaving. It was good seeing Robert again. Ken was funny. We had fun bowling. There was somebody in the next lane who had this strange bowling ball with a bud light bottle embedded into it. No kidding. Ted dared Ken to bowl with it. Not sure if he did or not. We all dared Ken to get a tattoo, but he didn’t. Momentos and memories for the masses, I suppose.

I got to meet Bob, Ken’s friend and we all got to see Keith again after his strange trip to Houston. He said he hated it there. I’m glad he’s back. I do think it’s strange that a company would move you someplace for like 10 months and then move back. But, I guess that’s high-tech.

We had to go to Dart Bowl instead of the usual hangouts. They have this little dancing animation that pops up between turns (basically after you bowl). About halfway through the night, I decided that, instead of a bowling pin, it looked like a dick. So I gave it all kinds of names. The “dancing dick.” The “magic” dick. The “disco” dick. And then there was Ted…..

BTW, Ted “forgot” to tell his girlfriend that he’s leaving town on the 15h. Ooops. No nookie for you. Bad Ted no nookie. Maybe you will get lucky in Nashville. I hope to see you get some nookie right on the stage of the Grand Ole’ Oprey. Now THAT would be a “country” dick.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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