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Listen Carefully as our Voicemail Options have Recently Changed

One thing I forgot to mention about Ted’s little shin-dig is that we got to listen to his telephone system. He freely admits to having “beefed it up” in the hopes of “making me sound like one of the big boys.” When you call his number, an automated attendent answers and says, “Listen carefully as our voicemail options have recently changed.” That’s a bit like sitting on the mezzanine deck of the titanic and saying, “isn’t that lounged chair mis-aligned?” I suppose Ted isn’t as big as he thinks he is. If I were Bevis or Butthead, I’d laugh and say, “she said big” but I’m not so I won’t. Maybe we should just start calling him La Petit Ted or something.

I went to an official unofficial “meeting” of the Eric Johnson listserv mailing list last night. Was fun, except for the fact that the gig was canceled on account of the rain. Still had a grand ole time downtown. It was interesting getting to talk with artists who are musically inclined rather than painters or photogs (the usual group with which I hang.) It can be very insightful talking to folks who are artists but work in a completely different medium. It was such a nice night, I enjoyed sitting out on the patio and enjoying the sunset. They have rescheduled the concert to happen in two weeks so, hopefully, I will be able to attend the replay. The only strange thing about the entire evening was that I felt rather silly “talking” with folks who usually talk on the computer. It’s almost like we’re not supposed to meet or something. I mean, is a listserv really supposed to work that way? I thought part of the deal was that you get to be anonymous over the net. Doesn’t it ruin it if you meet in person?

I suppose I should just give it up and embrace the new technology and what the young folks are doing with it. Hey, if you want to use a listserv to actually meet another humanoid, to actually sit down, face-to-face with another living drone and share notes, be my guest. Who am I to pipe up and say, “hey, that’s not allowed. It’s supposed to be CYBER-space” right? I guess it’s kind of like the Matrix. If you think about it too much, you will hurt your head. So don’t think. Don’t hurt. Just enjoy the flicker. It’s only remnants of reality passing you by. What was that? Over there? Hmmm. Maybe just another flicker.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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