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AudioGalaxy and the State of “New” Media

It seems that AudioGlaxy has been sued by the Recording Industry of Ameria and has been shutdown.

“Horray!” the masses yelled. The beginning of the end for record piracy. But, what about the little guy? The little guy who saves his money, collects his pension, and enjoys a cold beer on Friday night. Why should he have to pay $15 for a CD? Why does this, the same recording industry that supposidly watches out for “artists’ rights,” not spread the money with the very artists in question? Who are these “suits” who keep all the money? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

In my opinion (and blogs are, afterall, the very place where we can and should be voicing our opinions), the recording industry got what it deserved and the piracy will continue until the little guy has his way. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind paying for CDs. But, if you continue to gouge us for every last dollar, you should not be surprised that we enter through the back door and take what is rightfully ours anyway.

The thing you really hate, Mr. Record Company Guy, is that I have a good memory. I can remember when CDs first came out.You told us that prices would drop and quality would improve. You told us they would be a “permanent” media that would not wear out. “Never,” you said. Well, answer me this, my friend. Why does it cost you $1 to make a CD (with manufacturing costs dropping all the time) but you continue to market them at higher prices? And then you wonder why people are “stealing” them? Maybe we paid $15 for too long and we’re sick of you ramming “bubble gum” mass-marketed pop music down our throats at over-inflated prices. Why do they play the same damn 40 songs on the radio all the time? Is payola really dead? Do you think I’m that stupid? Why have you not embraced the same technology that your “users” have? Is it really that difficult?

Wake up and smell the “new media” because it’s bitting you in the ass, fool.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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