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Greetings from the Devil Duck

Still trying to get over the fact that I’m a DEVIL Duck. Wow. Little ole’ me. What a surprise. Who would have guessed it? I suppose all the smooth jazz in the world cannot make up for some things. Speaking of smooth jazz, I’m listening to that again. Go figure. Last week P.O.D. and NIN and this week Warren Hill. And I still have the Kip Winger photo as my background. I really should be a COMPLICATED Duckie but they don’t have a test for one of those. Or so it would seem.

I ordered my digital darkroom equipment last night. I’m so excited. I didn’t spend all that much money and I’ve going to have a nice little setup. The only gotcha (there’s always a catch, right?) is that I will not be able to do 11×14 prints for a while. I will have to limit myself to 8x10s or smaller, until I shell out the $900 for the good printer. But, the equipment that I have will be just as archival, providing I use the correct inks/paper and all, plus it will allow me instant gratification, much like doing Polaroids had in the past. The thing I loved about doing the Polaroids is that I did not have to include the lab in my work, except for the final printing. I was free from their spell, their hassle, and their high cost (and everything else that goes along with using a professional lab, which is not very “professional” and really ends up being a pain in the neck.) This will be even better, as I will have no lab no more, except for running film, which I can pretty much either do myself (for b&w) or do through the Fuji lab in Arizona. Maybe choose to go local if there’s something I really want quick turn-around time on and it’s hot outside. But, for the most part, I will be lab free.

I also investigated putting some images up on the web. Yes, it’s true. Carol’s Little World may shortly go “visual.” How will you possibly contain yourselves? All three of you who regularly read my on-line diary will now have a picture to look at, to go along with the verbiage. All that and a devil duck. What more could you possibly ask for?

Until next time, this is Carol, the DEVIL in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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