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TEX-MEX, Bowling, Boogers, and an Evening with Good Friends

Last night was Craig’s going away party and wow, what a party it was. Since he will be leaving for San Francisco soon, he decided upon eating some TEX-MEX before his departure. So, we all headed to Trudy’s, where we had some really good food and drink. I had a nice plate of migas, the eggs were light and fluffy. But that’s not all that was light and fluffy. We had plenty of ‘ritas to wash down our “sorrows.” A lot of folks showed up and it was a really fun time. I got to see the old gang from Ci2i and drink a lot, which is usually a good thing. We even called Kanchan in Dallas to say “hi.” Actually Medway said something like, “haven’t they deported you yet?” followed by “what are you still doing in this country?” and ending with something along the lines of “I can’t hear you and it’s not like I’m listening anyway.” I was too drunk to remember exactly what he said but I remember saying at the time it was a quote worthy of the Ci2i quote board. Poor Kanchan probably is wondering what was happening since we really could not hear each other very well. We were quite the loud and boisterous bunch and the place was not that quiet to begin with.

Then, in our drunken stupor, we decided it would be wise to go bowling. Believe me when I say this. Drunk folks are seldom wise. Wise folks are probably seldom drunk but then again, I would not know since I am not one of them. I am a drunk, and that makes me “seldom wise” according to my own philosophies. Anyway, we stumbled across the street to Highland Lanes and had more toxic swill until they called our name and told us an alley was ready. The bowling was, to say the least, not the high point of the evening.

It started out when I had to go to the ladies room and found something that, at the time, I thought was a bit odd. Somebody had left a brassiere spread out across the toilet paper holders. Hmmm. OK. Not normal but not something I usually want to boast about in mixed company.

Then, Craig had to go next. He found a Picasso-eque arrangement of boogers on the urinal and described this in painstacking detail to Rich who, as it turns out, had to go next. After a half-hearted search for the boogers, Rich gave up his search and presumably relieved himself. Upon his return, he described a lack of boogers in urinal two as, “nothing there but some pubic hair.” This sounded quite amusing to our drunken selves so we decided to begin to shout “PUBE!” rather loudly whenever it was Rich’s turn to bowl. To provided some variety in our otherwise not too dull evening, we alternated with “CRABS!” and the occassional “HERPES!” thrown in for good measure. Frankly, I’m surprised we did not get thrown out of this, ahem, “fine” establishment.

After I got home (safely, I might add) I thought I would have a horrible time sleeping and wake up to find myself late for work yet again. Instead, I slept well, probably the best I have in the past month, which is a good thing because I have been having trouble sleeping. I suppose the evening with old friends and the happy times did a lot for my temperment, which is a good thing. I guess it’s nature’s way of saying it was time for me to go out and have some fun.

So, to summarize, I don’t know what to say about boogers, pubes, or crabs, I tried to say hello to Kanchan and I believe she may have actually heard me at one point, I can’t bowl very well, and I have a strange fondness for migas which cannot be denied. On the whole, it was a fine evening.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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