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You Can’t Run From Days Like These

Yesterday was the kind of day your mother warned you about. Sure, it started so innocently. Little did I know at the time of my morning blog what was to happen. Let’s see, to start off my morning one of my co-workers, Leslie, came in and announced that his car had gotten broken into and they stole his stereo. They ripped out the back seat, broke the window, and stole stuff out of the trunk too. In economic times like these bonehead goons will rule, I suppose. It just sucks. Can’t these wrotten punks just go get welfare or something and leave us all alone? Hey, if an unemployment check is good enough for 90% of my friends, why are there dufuses running around breaking into cars? As if that were not enough, we had a “downsizing” at work. It involved only a small number of people but then, I work in a small office. To follow up this spectacular day, I went home to find I now have new neighbors. Seems my old neighbor has rented out his house to four fellows living together. Oh joy. I hope I can still find a place to park. I can almost hear myself saying to Cedar Park’s finest, “but they seemed like such nice party animals. Who knew?” Life in high-tech Austin as of late sucks but I suppose it’s still better than the alternative.

So, my next question becomes, when you’ve had a bad day, and you know you have, what do you do? I went home and did Tao Bo until it hurt and then fell asleep on the couch. But, that’s what I do on most days, so how was it really any different? Kind of like that old joke about trees falling in the forest….if you have a bad day and refuse to recognize it, is it still a bad day? Or does it become something more, something sinister, something truely evil that has risen from the bowls of Hell with the intention of destroying me at a later date? And, I certainly cannot wish some of this evil on others. Can’t go around saying, “have a bad day?” So, exactly how are you supposed to get rid of it? Does it just crawl back from whence it came? And, if so, where exactly is that? Not that I’m really anxious to find it, mind you, just want to know for curiosity sake. (Nevermind the cat. Today’s he’s a jester anyway.)

Hmmm. I believe it’s time to get some tea. Oh yes, and drive carefully, don’t fight with your neighbors, get plenty of sleep, and eat your veggies. Wouldn’t want you to have a bad day now, would I?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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