Taylor Made – Take a Walk in This Charming Town

Two doors under an overhang mark the entrance to an historic building in downtown Taylor, Texas, USA
“Duplex of Sorts,” Taylor, Texas, 2023
A sale sign in a shop window in downtown Taylor, Texas
“Sale at 119,” Taylor, Texas, 2023
A modern building facade with a dramatic shadow on a lightly colored building in downtown Taylor, Texas
“Cream Colored Building,” Taylor, Texas 2023

I took a walk. Phew! It felt so good. Last week, I went out with a bunch of photographers to explore downtown Taylor, Texas. Taylor is located east of where I live, it’s also situated north and east of Austin proper. It’s a small city on the outskirts of the Austin area. It’s one of the old railroad towns, these were cities formed years ago as the railroads moved in and across Texas. In the near future, Samsung will open a facility in Taylor and they have promised to bring in something like 2000 jobs which, I’m sure, will change the landscape of the city dramatically.

The town itself has a walkable downtown with lots of older buildings mixed in with some new development. There are a lot of art studios there, including a pottery studio which was quite large and also a bunch of smaller mom and pop type spots. Many of these sell antiques and the like but there is a music club and a few restaurants sprinkled in as well. There is also a big skate park in the town which a lot of photographers visited. I opted to bypass the skate park but walked around downtown a lot, just exploring and enjoying.

It was a nice day and it had been a while since I had gone out to photograph. I felt a little bit like a caged animal, I wanted to get out so badly so, almost as soon as I landed in Taylor, I started shooting and I wound up shooting more than I probably should have. Now I suppose you will be seeing images of Taylor for some time to come. It was a really nice day and we had what I would consider a large turnout for the walk. It must have been a good 20-30 photographers all strolling in and around Taylor. Afterwards, we stopped for some food at one of the local joints and I had some great tacos for about $2 which is quite a steal these days. An interesting thing about this particular photo walk was that it was something like three photo groups together so everybody just sort of melded together into one big band of photographers. Some of the locals thought we were with the newspaper. I was so crazed, I hardly stopped to chat up the locals, just continued to photograph more and more.

It was a nice day, a bit sunny, the sun was high, and it was just starting to get a little bit hot but still not too bad. The sky was blue and the buildings were interesting. Even some of he newer buildings made for some interesting images and there were some wonderful back alleyways and the like, including murals and lots of little spots. I would go back and visit again should I get the chance, as it was a great little town. Lots of pictures to be had if you are in the right mindset. Here are a few of my images from my walk around the central Texas town of Taylor. You can see more of my images from Texas here on Carol’s Little World.

I hope you enjoy my little look at Taylor, Texas.

Until next time…

Reflections of a shop window in downtown Taylor, Texas featuring his and her mannequins
“His and Her Shop Window,” Taylor, Texas, 2023

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