Mardi Gras Week – Let the Good Times Roll into New Orleans Once Again


It’s Mardi Gras Week. Happy Fat Tuesday! While there is still a lot going on in the world, I’m happy to hear that the festivities for Mardi Gras are going to be held again this year. The krewes are out, the parades are happening, and the beads…well, what can I say about the beads? Yes, they are going to be flying around for sure, especially since we’d had a hiatus for a couple of years now. The beads are back, baby, the beads are back!

While I’m not attending this year, I thought it would be a good time to remember some of the festivities from years past. This is a small sampling of my work from Mardi Gras week and Bourbon Street/New Orleans at night. I’ve put up a special page over on my website devoted to all things New Orleans, where you can check out more of my work from NOLA if you are interested.

The French Quarter is an interesting place and I’ve always had a wonderful time photographing there, although it too is not without challenges. There are a lot of drunk people, crowds, and craziness there, but also some great shots to be had if you time things right and can work through some of the obstacles. For me, the city of New Orleans holds a special place. It’s such a colorful city, a place with many stories, a rich culture, great music, great food, vibrant colors, and a rich tapestry of things blended together to form a unique place in the world. I’ve always loved it for that reason. It defies description at times but it’s a wonderful, unique city that I celebrate and I’ve always enjoyed my time there. Always wonderful photographs to be created in New Orleans. I’m happy I can share them with you and hope that the spirit of Mardi Gras will be back again this year. 

It’s great to hear that the good times will roll on back into the French Quarter this Mardi Gras week. For those who are attending, I hope you have a fantastic visit to one of my favorite places. For those of you enjoying a visit from your arm chair, I hope my photos can bring you a little taste of the French Quarter and share some of the Mardi Gras festivities with you no matter where you are. 

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Until next time…


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