That Geometry


There’s something about Greek architecture. The buildings in Santorini
were just so interesting. From the shapes, to the line, to the interplay between shadow
and light. The way the light hits the buildings at certain times of the
day was mesmerizing. They say a person is really attractive if you can sort of spot them from across the room and there’s a subtle captivation that happens. It’s not like they scream at you, rather, you respond to the way their hair falls down around their face or perhaps a slight smile. It’s the little things like that which make you know they are the one. Nothing earth shattering, just everything slightly captivating. We’re much more fond of things that slightly draw us in because there is an element of softness, of subtlety about the attraction. Greek architecture is like that. Sure, there are columns (everybody has columns, right?) but it’s in the little ways things fall. The subtle lines, the placement of a curve, a soft curve, a bold geometry disguised as a doorway. It’s things like that which really catch your eye and draw you in, leave you wanting more. No, I’d have to say that, my experience in Greece taught me that architecture there is bold but subtle. It draws you in, but doesn’t knock you about the head. It whispers in your ear the most carefully turned phrases.

I was lucky enough while visiting the city of Oia that I found a quiet corner. Some out of the way, off the beaten path spot, somehow, I just fell upon it. I made my way there by accident but wound up staying for a bit. After I found this spot, I saw the church there. The light was wonderful that day, storm clouds off on the horizon but an interesting sky. A sky with clouds and shafts of light bursting through. I love that kind of light, as it gives the sky a certain luminosity. The soft clouds, the wonderful light, the subtle curves and the brilliant geometry all combined to make Greek architecture very memorable for me that day.

There’s such a geometry about the place that I
just found so fascinating. This is the dome of a Greek church on the
island of Santorini. I got to enjoy a quiet moment here, as part of my
travels, and it was wonderful. Pure Greek geometry, great architecture,
wonderful structure, great people and fantastic food. Santorini is a
wonderful place. I hope to go back to Greece again someday. Sailing the Aegean, visiting the volcano, being part of the “caldera culture,” was such fun. It was a great place to visit and offered up some serious geometry, some that I won’t soon forget. 

This is “Domed Church” from Santorini and is available on Carol’s Little World at this link. 

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