Austin Studio Tour – Getting Ready


Join me November 14 – 22 for (a new) Austin Studio Tour featuring Virtual Exhibitions, Online Programs, and city-wide Art Outdoors that can be safely viewed by self-guided walking or drive-by tours. Find out more about my art by checking out the newly expanded tour website at starting November 14. This year, I have a host of activities planned including: 

  • Zoom hangouts including “Coffee with Carol” to get the morning sessions started 
  • The debut of my new short video series, “Travels with Carol” 
  • “Everything Zen” and inspirational, relaxing virtual experience 
  • NAPFS group discussion event – look for guests from NAPFS to jump on a call and discuss their award winning photography 
  • We’ll have something for the kids, watch this space for more details about that 
  • A panel I’m super excited about, called “Women Who Art.” This one celebrating the ladies. I’ll gather some fierce female artists for a group discussion about art and who knows what else (mostly art but we’ll see, right?) 
  • A special giveaway to celebrate the events – an opportunity for you to snag some art
  • And probably more! 

 Please stay tuned, keep in touch, and enjoy the wild ride that is the East Austin Studio Tour, now the Austin Studio Tour (AST) for 2020. 

Until next time…

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  1. zayn
    December 16, 2020 / 2:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing this

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