Artist Sunday


So excited to be part of a blossoming movement, I’m teaming up with the good folks at Artist Sunday to help support arts and artisans this holiday season. I’ll be participating in the upcoming Artist Sunday, which is this coming Sunday, November 29, 2020. The idea behind the movement (if we can call it that) is to promote arts and artists rather than the traditional “Black Friday” style shopping events. Now, truth be told, I’ve never been much of a Black Friday shopper, but I kind of never knew what to do with “Small Business Saturday.” This one, this “Artist Sunday” feels just so right! It’s a way to support the arts, to connect with artists in a meaningful way. 
Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, but I don’t want to buy a Picasso! That’s too expensive and not gift oriented! I need something for Grandma!” Don’t worry, folks. We got Grandma covered. There is a lot of art available not all of it “Picasso priced” (so to speak.) In fact, I’ve setup a special giveaway so you could potentially even (gasp!) win some art for free! (Yes, indeed. What in the world could be less “Picasso priced” than something that’s free?) 
I’ve setup a special giveaway here: where you can enter to win a free set of coasters. The coasters come in a set of four and they are cork backed. On the flip side (the front actually) is printed my image “Park Bench and Dream.” The coasters retail for just under $36 and you can see more of my designs here:
There are a lot of artists participating in this and there are a lot of discounts so please check out the site if you can:
If you want to support the arts but don’t want to buy anything, that’s fine too. Please, please please help spread the word! Tell your friends. Tell your Grandma. Tell you Grandma’s friends. You get the idea. The more people we can share this with the more likely it is to catch on. 
Alternatively, you could go and get trampled at the mall. Your choice! 
(Thanks for supporting the arts anyway you can and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.) 
Until next time…

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