Romancing the Sky

Blue sky with clouds over Cedar Park, Texas

Lately, it seems like I’ve been in a bit of a rut, at least photographically (if not in other ways.) It’s almost as if my photographic Mojo has gone on a brief jaunt and I can’t seem to find it (“Now paging Mr. Mojo…Come in, Mr. Mojo…Please report to the white courtesy camera nearest you…”) Today, I was puttering about the house, not really doing much of anything. I probably should have gone over to the koi breeders but opted instead to stay home and chill. Being lazy on a Sunday, I suppose, I was overdue for a lazy Sunday of sorts. Chase had to go out and when I ventured into the yard that’s when I saw the clouds in the afternoon sky.

Today, we had these really great clouds. They were the kind of clouds you dream about if, you know, you are the type of person who dreams about clouds. They were those giant puffy clouds, the ones where you can see lots of shapes in them. Little bunnies, and kittens, and Mickey Mouse, yeah man, it was all up there, right in those clouds. It was slightly breezy today, with giant puffy clouds blowing around out there. Who could resist that, right? I grabbed my camera and fired off a few shots. What can I say, I just cannot resist clouds.

There’s something about white clouds against a blue sky that captivates me. I love the sky, I love looking up at the sky. It sparks my imagination. I know, it sounds a bit crazy and, why, maybe I am a bit crazy, but there really is something about the sky. Yes, I love the night sky (who doesn’t?) but also the sky in the daytime does it for me too. The wind and the shapes in the clouds. It’s all a bit dreamy and magical and frankly I enjoyed myself, I enjoying taking shots of the clouds. Maybe it makes me a dork. Maybe you think I’m weird. Maybe it’s a bit strange or just boring, I don’t know, but I love the sky, I love the clouds. They hold a certain fascination for me.

No, today I did not do much, and didn’t do too much photographically, but I did romance the sky a bit. It’s a magical place for me and I cherish it so I decided to post one from the camera rolls for today. I hope you find magic and romance and imagination wherever you might look, be it the sky or elsewhere. Enjoy your strange fascination while you can and wherever you may happen upon it, right? For we are all creatures of fascination and we should follow where these things lead us, should we not? Who knows? I just might bump into my Mojo again should I happen down that path. Here’s hoping, right? Maybe, just maybe, my Mojo is hiding up in a cloud somewhere. (If you happen to see him, please let him know I am earthbound and send him my way, OK?)

Until next time…

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