Welcoming Spring

Sure, it’s winter now, but Spring is on the way. The other day, I was thinking about the trees, about how they have branches reaching up into the wind. No leaves yet, as of late, but that will be changing soon too. My backyard pear tree is already starting to bloom-shot some close ups of the blossoms yesterday also. It’s been nice out. It’s been sunny and mild, with highs in the 60’s/70’s and a bit of sun each day to enjoy. I like it. I can’t say it’ll stay this way, but I like it. Nice.

I was thinking about the birds too. The birds have started to come back. I’ve been seeing them more and more around town, at the various hang-outs. Most of the trees, the trees I know as “bird trees” have started to fill in again and I can hear the chirping and fluttering about in the yard. They have started to come back, started the great seasonal migration back to the north from points south.

All of this spring has me thinking about new projects, about how I want to start something new. I just want to get out and go shooting and start something new. I have a few ideas but haven’t started anything yet. Of course, mundane things, like my taxes and spring cleaning will probably get in the way but, hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Birds. Trees. It’s that time of year again.

Until next time…

This one shot with the baby Mark, not on the zoom, actually panning with a 100mm lens stopped down for the exposure time and focused slightly off to soften the results.

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