Attack of the Webinars

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Since it’s a new year it seems that a lot of artists and art coaches are all about webinars. Everybody is putting up webinars. Podcasts, new eBooks, and the like are popping up like mushrooms. It’s everywhere!

I have to say that I love it. I’ve been eating it up. Over the holiday break, I listened to an entire Podcast called “The Thriving Artist Summit” and I got tons of good advice. Just today, I was futzing around on Facebook when I happened upon the Art Biz Blog lady’s free webinar on “Income Boosting Strategies for 2014.” I mean, this is tons of free advice and it’s ripe for the taking. Phew!

The thing I love is that, in the old days, to be an artist you pretty much had to move to New York. You had to get an agent. You had to hire attorneys. It was tons of paperwork and the process took oh so long. Now, with the Internet, everything is simple. We really are living in the golden age of owning your own business and artists are profiting from this. It’s never been easier to run the nuts and bolts part of the business, leaving you free to concentrate on the business of, well, making art itself. I love it. I love how there is the Internet with all of these vast resources. One can get inspiration easily from the digital archives. You can learn. You can grow. We no longer need agents and have to fuss over the business end of things. It’s fantastic.

I hope you are making the most of these new year “freebies” because they don’t always last. I’m sure that, by June anyway, much of this will be gone and people will be back to doing what it is that they do.

It’s free Podcast season, folks, enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. Great Grandma Lin
    January 11, 2014 / 2:35 pm

    fun photo, free classes area great but I still have to sell my books!

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