A Spa Day for My Eyes

Fine art view of a tree branch at the Hill Country Water Gardens, Cedar Park, Texas
SoftThorns_1981, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

So, I’ve been quite stressed lately, with preparations for my trip and trying to get my home in order. Part of the getting the home in order business is going to enable me to setup a proper home studio, complete with lights and a backdrop and everything else that comes along with this. Sounds ambitious, I know, but that’s the current plan.

Some days lately, it seems like things hardly get done. I have a hard time getting anything at all done, and I just feel so bad about it all. Then, other days? Bam! It’s like I’m superwoman, leaping over massive “To Do:” lists in a single bound. Sounds crazy, but that’s the current state of things.

That and, well, I really need a new watch.

So, in light of all that’s going on, all that I’m off doing, all that’s coming around, going around, and the like, I thought it best if I take some time out of today and post a sort of “spa day for my eyes.”

I love these sorts of images, really I do. So soft and serene. Makes me feel like I’m eating the visual equivalent of comfort food. With the allergies bothering me today a bit too, I could really use some comfort food and this kind of spa day for the eyes.

So, there you have it. Nothing revolutionary, just a bit of a spa day. I hope you enjoy it too.

Until next time…

PS I just thought of what I was supposed to post today…something about the current banking crisis and the status of contemporary art. Perhaps this is best left for tomorrow or some other day, as I am now enjoying my bit of spa day for the eyes. Next time though, I promise.

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