Happy Friday – Odds and Ends

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It’s Friday today, so here’s an iceberg for you. (Kidding, kidding. I hope you are having a great, and not a Titanic-style Friday.)

Poor Chase had to have minor surgery this week. Things went all well and good but now he’s got his head stuck in one of those cone shaped collars. He’s got to wear it for “between one and two weeks.” Oh, the poor dear!

For starters, he’s afraid of it. He just doesn’t know what to do with his head. He can’t get comfortable. Then, if that were not bad enough, if he sees it’s shadow, he gets really very frightened. To top it off, it he happens to bump into something, like say a wall or a floor or whatever and it makes a noise? Oh does that scare him to bits! The poor, poor, dear. I can’t wait for this collar to be off and him to be back to his usual self again.

This weekend marks the last weekend of EAST so, if you are in town and so-inclined, please come on out and come on over. There’s also the big Formula 1 race going on in Austin. How exciting is that? So many things happening all at once.

Zoom zoom. It’s Friday! Now, get out and have some fun.

Until next time…

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