Just a Flower

JustAFlower_7045, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today, I’m in the mood for just a flower so that’s exactly what you are getting. Just a flower, only a flower. If this had been a real plant, why stay tuned to your computer for emergency information….(Kidding! Kidding!)

A few odds and ends to tell you about too. For starters, I’m thinking about joining Model Mayhem. Yes, I know, it’s a bit tricky and, yes, I know, I don’t really do a lot of model shoots but I’ve been thinking it might be kind of nice to have contact with the outside (aka “real”) world once in a while and, frankly, I could use some model shoots, so I might just bite the bullet and sign up. They have changed the site so that it’s a bit more difficult to sign up but I still think I can get in past the guards at the door. Wish me luck.

In other news, it’s actually “meta-news” as I’ve been thinking about re-doing this site a bit. Blogger, you see, has added tabs. Oh tabs, oh wonderful tabs. I’m thinking about tabbing myself a bit, maybe making this site look a bit more like a magazine and less like a regular old blog. Jury is still out on that, we’ll see how it plays out but, suffice it to say, don’t be surprised if you come ’round these parts one day only to find a different looking site. I won’t change any of the main features, just maybe spiffy up the landing page and add my tabs a bit. We’ll see if I have time and inclination to do so.

Until then, you will have to settle for just a flower, only a flower. (I hope you like my flower for today.)

Until next time…


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