In Blue

Fine art print featuring architecture of Texas
TexasInBlue_0046, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I worked another for my series of “In Blue” this weekend. I kind of like the way these showoff the architecture of the older colonial style buildings. I guess I kind of like them because they are so different. Not many people are doing stuff that looks like this-probably for good reason, but there you have it. I kind of like the way they come out so unique sometimes.

It’s still too hot for me to shoot, so I’m going to line up some interior work and dig through some old slides, maybe do some printing. These are the kinds of tasks we photographers like to do when it’s too hot to shoot.

In other news, I’ve gotten word that Tiffen has a new ND filter that goes from something like 2 to 8 stops of darkness. It retails for about $178 for a 72mm which is way cheap. I am going to have to get one of those, for certain. What a great thing to have when it’s too hot and way too bright to shoot outside.

In other news, gearing up for some shows and trying to finish up some other work. Just me being my boring old self really.

I hope it’s cooler in your little world.

Until next time…

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