Trying to Get A TiVo

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So, I broke down and decided that I would order myself a new TiVo. I went to the website and they are out of stock! Backordered! Harumph! They said that Best Buy might have some, but it’s about 30 degrees and rainy outside so I’m not going out tonight. Bummer. I so wanted to get a new TiVo.

I’ve been thinking, in light of the fact that my TiVo has now blown up, that I might go ahead and splurge-get myself a whole new, big TV for the living room, complete with a big honking TiVo that’s not only HD but can store everything. Connect it to Netflix. Hook it up to UTube. Get everything setup so that I never have to leave the house again. Ever. Wouldn’t that be great?

I have a very comfortable couch in my living room, really I do, but I never seem to sit on it. No, instead, I go inside, to my bedroom and watch TV, because, well because the TV set in the living room blew up. (And now the TiVo in the bedroom blew up, so I need a new one of those.)

In my bedroom, I have one of those pillows that allows you to sit up in bed. I bet they have a fancy name for them, I think they are called “bed lounge pillows” or some such thing. Anyway, I can sit up in bed, read, watch TV, eat, the works. (Like I said, it’s a wonder I ever get up at all.)

Originally, I got this “bed lounge” pillow for Chase-I thought he might like to snuggle up against it. Turns out, well, typical for Chase, he’s slightly afraid of it. He prefers to sit next to me instead of the pillow, but I actually started using the pillow. It’s quite comfortable for a pillow actually, though I’m always slightly afraid that I’m going to learn to fall asleep sitting up. Once that happens, look out, that’s the end of me.

I hope I get a new TV soon because, well, I’m growing tired of all this TV talk. I want to go back to just sort of watching it a bit and photographing more.

Speaking of photographing, this upcoming weekend is a long weekend. I might try to get out some-to actually go take some new pictures. Here’s hoping, right?

And, yeah, I wish I could say it beats staying at home, in bed but, in my case? It doesn’t.

Until next time…


  1. mythopolis
    February 12, 2010 / 3:28 am

    Techno-porn is not a pretty picture!

  2. Carol
    February 12, 2010 / 9:46 pm

    I know, I know…and I promise, as soon as I get this whole TV mess worked out, I'll get back to writing more about photography. Really, I will. (Unless, of course, the new TiVo decides to blow something up. Again.)

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