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FacesAndEyes, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

This is my photo Friday entry for square-it was taken in the square, downtown Taos, New Mexico. Now, I know most of the glasses are technically “round” but still, the eyeglass shop is right in the middle of the “square” so I think it counts.

Looking to 2010, I believe it’s time to make my photographic resolutions.

For starters, I have started playing with encaustics and working with encaustic medium (as part of 2009) so I expect that to continue. I’d like to actually get good enough with the encaustic medium in 2010 to start to like my work. I’m not there yet-it’s still not matching up to my vision of things (of sorts) but I’m learning, making progress, and, most importantly, playing around with things. I had gotten so used to just sort of “clocking in” work as a photographer or painter, it’s been good to add a new medium into that mix, to keep things fresh and exciting. It’s actually kind of fun to go into the studio and not know exactly what the heck you are doing-I think it will keep things fun for the new year, don’t you?

I usually start off the new year by saying, “This year, I’m going to get a big one person show in a real gallery.” Well, last year, I did just that, so now, I suppose, you’d expect me to say, “this year, I’m going to get an EVEN BIGGER one person gallery show.” Sorry, you’d be wrong about that. I don’t want a big, one person show-instead, I want to take my time, enjoy being a beginner with the encaustics medium and have some fun playing with things. Oh, I’m sure shows will come (they always do) but I’m not going to hunt them into extinction just yet.

Now, of course, I also almost always say, “I’m going to slow down and do only 4 group shows this year.” Again, I’m not going to do that. I’ve moved to only sending in work (for group shows) where my work fits the theme (really fits the theme-no stretching it!) and I love the venue or the juror. So far, this technique has worked well for me, and I plan on sticking to it-look for this to continue into 2010.

As for other, maybe new resolutions? I’m not going to commit to travel this year-I might do some of that, then again, I might stay home. I am going to commit to doing more life drawing sessions and painting more though. I want to try to spend more studio time in 2010 than I did in 2009 as well-I think I really benefit from and enjoy that.

I’d like to start to get my equipment sorted out in 2010 as well. Time to start getting some stuff that I want-look for some new lenses, maybe even some new camera gear, and some upgrades-I’m expected a lot more of that this year. It’s already started as I’ve gotten some new gear to better allow me to do some pinhole work and I might get a new camera body soon as well (hey, it hasn’t been upgraded in a few years and my crap takes a beating, ok?)

Other resolutions, besides the encaustics are to work on my ongoing series, explore at least one new series, continue the fantastic Austin Night Photography group, continue working with mixed media/handmade prints some, and continue some self portraits a bit.

I think 2010 is shaping up to be an “inward” year in a lot of ways. I’m hoping that my work will become more introspective, more inward facing. That may sound a big like a “big ego” talking, and maybe it is, but I’ve got a strong desire to do some highly personal, introspective work (ego or not.) I hope that can mature and pan out in 2010 as well, in whatever medium it decides to take shape.

I do expect some charity work and other/odd work as part of 2010 as well. I also want to get out and walk more, as well as stay in and read a bit more (not just photo books either.) Look for the Red Leaf Diaries to continue, as well as (probably) the 5×7 show and a few other fund raisers. But, mostly I’m going to try to do some “fun” shows and stuff, you know, things just for me.

Here’s hoping you have some great photographic resolutions and that you find 2010 to be a great year photographically. May your imagination dream it, your eyes see it, your camera capture it, your darkroom or computer process it gracefully, your flash memory or film supply remain endless, and your batteries forever charged in 2010.

Until next time…


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