The Blessing of Good Light

WaterLikeGlassNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Went over to the wonderful Hill Country Water Gardens, my local Koi breeders, today for a short photo shoot and walk. The day started out very cloudy-the kind of clouds where it looks almost like ribbons in the sky and you can’t see any blue peeking through them. I love to shoot in those clouds-I think they are especially good for black and white work, not to mention it was not too bright out today, so no annoying shadows.

In the morning, went up to Georgetown to walk around the square and to stop by at my favorite local eatery-Carmine’s pizza and pasta. The pizza was tasty, as always (Carmine makes the best New York style pizza around-bar none!) I wish I could say the same about the square. The economy and the credit crisis is really starting to hit Texas now. From what I can see, Georgetown looked like a lot of empty stores and a whole lot of nothing going on. What was once a hustling, bustling, busy square, filled with shoppers, outdoor cafes, even a local bookstore, is now a shell of what remains. It was kind of sad to be there, even if the day was pleasant enough-I did manage to take a few shots peeking into windows-some of that empty or renovated building stuff looks nice when photographed, even if it’s a bit hard to take in “real life.”

After Carmine’s, I went over to Hill Country Water Gardens where, alas, I did not shoot any Koi (this time) but did manage to use my new Lensbaby Composer on some pottery, fountains, and the like. The light started playing tricks with me-it was coming in, going out, patches of blue started to peek through those once wonderful ribbons-making me wish I’d almost stayed home, though the sound of the water and the sights of the gardens were very relaxing. All in all, the light wasn’t *too bad* to work in, not optimal but, you know, I’ll take it (as it comes.) Now, I’m back at base camp, getting ready to start dinking with the new G-Safe drive, so I can, once again, upload the daily Compact Flash.

Results sometime soon, I promise…

Until next time…


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