It's Almost That Dia

MariachiDeLosMuertos, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I got invited to a Day of the Dead altar-making party today. It’s going to be held November 1st over at the Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin. I expect there will be sugar skulls, hot rods, wonderful altars and a whole lot more.

In other news, the New Beginnings show has taken shape. We’ve curated the work and are now going to print, frame, and all of that goodness, in preparations for our opening, which will be October 29th at the campus. This is, of course, the hard part, because we now have to go and do all of the work. I expect to print and matte my stuff this weekend but, you know how these things go (if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done, right?)

I finally did my taxes. Phew! I’m getting a refund and the IRS owes me quite a bit of money this time around, but I had some complications thanks to some stock transactions and the like. My Dad had to help me out a lot this year but, I’m happy to say, I finally got it done.

You know what they say about life, taxes, and um, I guess death too, right?

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