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New template alert! New template alert!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve gone off and gotten a new template for the ole blog. Now, I know what you’re thinking (“funny, looks the same as the old template”) and, well, you’d be right (for the most part.) The thing is though, this template is better, how shall I put this, “on the inside.”

What does that mean?

Well, for starters, it’s an updated version of the old one that I was using. Updated means it has new features. It’s easier for me to move things around, and easier for me to do stuff like add links. It also allows me to add photos more easily-I could, for example, add a big “background” image to the top (title bar.) And, I probably will at some point. (Here at Carol’s Little World, well, we like images, don’t we?) So, yes, even though it does not look all that different, in some ways, perhaps, it looks a bit worse, it’s a much better template in many ways. Look at it this way, it means I might not be as grumpy as usual. And, well, me not being grumpy is a good thing, right?

Speaking of me and, well, grumpy I’d guess, it seems I did not get to do any shooting this weekend. There was some stuff I wanted to do around the house, some new (very new) work I wanted to do this weekend that I did not get to do. I’m not too grumpy about it though, since I cleaned my house instead, and I’ve been meaning to clean my house for a while. It’s still not really clean, it’s just minus about two big bags of old papers and junk I did not need. That’s a good thing, really, since I can always shoot (and, let’s face it, with this 105 degree heat, the light really isn’t all that good anyway.)

The series on getting your work into exhibitions will continue. Don’t fret if you popped in here looking for that, it will come your way soon enough.

Until next time…

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