Hold the Anchovies Hold the Road

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In the “I hate it when two worlds collide and I get my nose stuck in the middle” department, I noticed the other day that the Wikipedia entry for one of the British racing drives purported to be The Stig mentions that, apart from doing stunt work for the latest James Bond movie, Mr. “I just might be The Stig’s other white helmet” did some precision driving for the movie National Treasure 2 when it lensed in London.

Now, since National Treasure is a movie franchise featuring none other than that famed Tivo-abusing Nicolas Cage himself, and the good Wikipedia informs me that Mr. “I am The Stig even without a helmet” actually doubled for him in the movie, I feel, at this point in time, I’m uniquely qualified to point out the following:

  • Nicolas Cage may very well have met The Stig. (Perhaps even seen him without his helmet on.)
  • The real helmet behind The Stig best not make any TV-viewing plans-he’d better not have his titanium heart set on watching any odd free roaming Law and Order episodes (if he knows what’s good for him.)
  • Since Nicolas Cage is a bit of an auto aficionado and he does film in London from time to time, it would not be too far a stretch to imagine him making a guest appearance as a “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” at some point in the near future. I could actually see this coming to pass, I mean, he might be really interesting in that role.
  • I shall now go hide under a rock.

After the shock has worn off a bit, when you stop to think about this collusion (though I should mention that, at this point, I do my best to try not to) The Stig is proving to be even more brave and fearless in real life than his alter ego, the great white helmeted hope of the show Top Gear.

I mean, just think about it. First, they reveal he’s a “normal” bloke who drives a family sedan to the set of Top Gear (a set otherwise filled with supercars of all shapes and sizes, not to mention 3 crazy ass drivers to power slide them while complaining about it and bickering nonstop) and now we know he’s met Nicolas Cage in person and has the TiVo to prove it. What’s next? Are they going to reveal that, in his spare time, he likes to fight off Chuck Norris with his bare hands and that all of his bottled water comes from Tijuana too? (I can almost hear the Clarkson grumble from here, “Some say….”)

Finally, in unrelated news (or perhaps not!) I should also like to point out that, recently, a Ferrari on the set of the latest Nicolas Cage movie (filming in New York City-my hometown! He’s getting closer! Quick, hide the remote!) driven by an “anonymous stunt driver” (Guess who? Maybe?!?) veered off the road and crashed into a Sbarro’s pizza joint.

Um, let me guess, hold the anchovies, right, Stiggy? And I take it by the fact that you made your very own “drive through” that you want this order “to go,” yes?

Until next “Never mind the TV, it’s not even safe on the sidewalk anymore…”


  1. mythopolis
    May 18, 2009 / 11:36 am

    Oh wow! I’ve always wanted to crash a pizza joint with a Ferrari! I’m so jealous someone beat me to it!

  2. Carol
    May 19, 2009 / 12:16 am

    He is THE STIG!

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