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Apart from shooting season, which is about to start, I’d have to say that it’s also show season.

I found out earlier this week that I’ve been accepted into an annual charity show to be held later this year in Austin. More details on that to follow, but I can tell you now that it involves me doing some “special” kind of work, and I’m really looking forward to participating.

My next opening in Austin will be over at the wonderful Studio2Gallery this Saturday evening, from 6:30-9:30 pm. I’m really looking forward to this show, as other featured artists include Jim McKinnis, author of the famous Handcoloring Photographs series of books, and also William Tolan another favorite local artist. Not to mention the Cupcake lady and SpiffyTumbleweed might be there as well. Oh, and one last tidbit, I get to drink some wine at the opening. Yay! (How could I not like that?) The show marks a celebration of the relationship of models with artists and promises to be a wonderful one, so please come out and join me if you are in the Austin area and do check out the gallery website (even if you are not.)

Finally, as related to the picture I’ve posted today, no, I cannot get enough of New Orleans. It’s just such a wonderful place to photograph and show work as well. I’m happy to announce that a wonderful gallery on Magazine Street has just announced they are going to carry up to 10 images from my Identity series. The doll heads are going to the French Quarter. What’s not to like about that? Really, it’s a wonderful gallery and I promise to post more details as they emerge.

All of this promises to make my printer squeal now more than ever. Wish me luck fighting the demons of the paper jams and praying to the great gods of cyan and magenta that my ink doesn’t run out before the night is through.

And, one last final bit of news, not show-related but very interesting nonetheless, the other day I (once again) saw the Christmas tree bandit. Now, as far as I know, he wasn’t putting up (or taking down-he does that too) any actual Christmas trees, it’s not Christmas, and he’s not really (morally) a bandit, but I did actually see him. Sadly, there was no Stig (from Top Gear) in sight, but I did manage to catch him talking to guy who sells Pinon wood down on Highway 360. So, if you’ve got a spare chiminea and are looking for the last of the Pinon wood pile to burn up, be warned-you just might find yourself unknowingly talking to the Christmas tree bandit.

Put that in your fire pit and smoke it.

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