Free Stuff and Winter Blues

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And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post.


I was going to write this great post tonight-great it that it was going to tell you all about my latest ramblings on The Architect’s Brother-or actually, my thoughts on staged photography. I was all set to do it, even started to type into the little white box and all but then, you know what? I decided that I wouldn’t. I decided that I’m tired and cold and still not feeling quite 100% (though my voice is slowly coming back) and I’m just not up to doing a long detailed post right now. I hope you’ll forgive me and I’m sorry to disappoint you, my loyal readers, but I’m just not up to it quite yet.

It’s been cold in River City lately. So cold, in fact, that this morning we woke to snow. Yes, snow. Can you believe it? It was cold and snowy and it’s just all blustery wintery like. Sure, it’s great for Christmas and normally I would just enjoy it but I’ve been dogging this horrible cold and I just don’t like it right now. I want it to go away. I’d be perfectly happy with a 100 degree day just about now, in fact. I know I’m probably the only one but, man, I just can’t seem to get my tea hot enough to warm my soul as of late.

Maybe the reason I don’t like the cold is because I’m actually suffering a bit from burn out. I’ve actually had my fill of current events, the crappy economy, all the shit that’s going on, and I just don’t really want to take anymore. Yeah, that could be it.

Then again, maybe I just got a really bad cold and I still feel like crap. Either way, I’m not liking what’s being served up, and I’m really hoping I can make it to the holiday without going completely bonkers.

Until next time…


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