Inexplicable Cult-like Behavior

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The other day, I posted about how I thought David Tennant looked like a weasel. A cute Doctor Who time traveling weasel, but a weasel none the less. Then I got this email, from somewhere in rural England, telling me, “Oh, so you’ve gone on the David Tennant looks too much like a weasel to play Doctor Who bandwagon too, eh?” And, I thought, “bandwagon?” What? What is this about a “bandwagon?” So, I googled.
Apparently the good Doctor was once despondent because somebody, some mean, cruel person (*rolls eyes*) wrote on a message board how he looked too much like a weasel to play the good Doctor. No, no it wasn’t me, mind you, I was too busy eating stale popcorn to post to a message board (though, I can assure you, the David Tennant message board will be a post for another day-blogger fodder alert here!) Message board or not, even I must admit, he does bear a striking resemblance. The man, cute as he is, really could pass for some serious rodentia if you ask me. But, I swear, I never knew there was like an entire internet phenomenon related to the weasel resemblance, honest. I mean, it’s like an entire movement out there-an entire subculture of people who label random Doctor Who stars weasels and go on to post this factoid in public Internet forums and chat rooms all about the intertubes. How was I supposed to know there was an entire David Tennant is a weasel” movement out there, complete with parades, elephants, balloons, and face painting for the kids? I’m just a “lone blogger” I swear. (Right about now, I bet you’re thinking, “oh right….and that’s just what Lee Harvey Oswald said before he was assassinated on live television.”)

In other, “inexplicable cult-like behavior” news,┬áthis weekend marks the start of National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for short. Should I do it again this year? Will I have enough to “yap and snap” about? Can I really hit that little blue [Post Now] button so many times in so many days or will my thumb cramp up? Can I really post thirty times in as many days without losing what little there is left of my sanity? Or will I be forced to talk of “rabid weasels, raging kitchen fires and raw eggs” for twenty eight and a half days in a row?

Oh the humanity! A mob is ugly.

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