Happy Halloween

ColoredHighTopsDia, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Look carefully at those high tops-they have hearts and guns on them. I love that. It’s like hearts, bones, souls, and guns all in the same shop window. Wouldn’t you just love to stop in there and ask if they have any tote bags? Heck, I know I would. (It’s like Jeremy Clarkson’s nightmare-a beetle with a big flower on it.) It’s halloween, NaBloPoMo, day of the innocents, day of the dead, all soul’s day, all saints’ day, and, oh yeah, November too, so like the rent is due. That’s a lot to cram into one weekend, isn’t it? Gosh, I’m getting tired just thinking about it (and it hasn’t even started yet.)

The Blurb book is still eating my brain. I’ve ordered more moo cards (yay moo!) and I got a screen. What’s this about a screen? You might be asking. And, I’d be here to tell you. Yes, snowflakes, I got a screen. A screen so that I can do my projections a bit easier. Does that mean that I’m going to do more projections? That I’m going to do something like that big ole’ tribal project? Heck yeah it does and I will, just you wait and see. Yes, yes, there are more projections in the works for the days and weeks ahead (all mixed in with the new book, the portfolio party, all of the holiday parties, and a show I have yet to tell you about. Phew! Life is busy.)

Finally, in a bit of Halloween news, I hate to admit now, before it starts, but I have yet to get all of my candy. Yes, it’s true, snowflakes, I did not yet run to the grocers and get all of my treats for this evening. I’m hoping I can zip out on the way home and pick some up before I start to hand them out. I’ve a few bags, but not really enough to last me through the night. It would be really great if I had some more (so, you know, I have something to eat this weekend, I mean, um, I can hand out lots to the kiddies, yeah, yeah, that’s it.) The best part about waiting ’till the last minute is that it gets extra cheap today. Extra cheap, but all of the good brands are gone. I’m going to be left handing out some random odd form of mars bars that nobody really wants. Oh well, maybe next year I’ll shop early.

Then again, you know, not at this place.

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