A Red Leaf Day

TurningAutumn, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This woman I work with, Alex, has recently purchased a new camera. She’s started to take photography classes and she’s really getting intio it. Today, I saw Alex in the hallway and told her how I had really wanted to go outside. “To find a red leaf,” I told her.

“A red leaf?” she asked.

“You know, because it’s autumn and all. I want to find a red leaf. Just one freak red leaf before it gets cold or windy and all the leaves blow off of all the trees and then we have nothing to do but sit around this joint wearing heavy sweaters wondering why we didn’t photograph the red leaves when we had them.”

“Ah,” she said, “a red leaf.” So, sometime around lunchtime, we went outside in search of a red leaf.

It’s actually shaping up to be autumn here in Texas. It’s fall. It’s the time leaves are supposed to be turning red. I think because I want to see them, I want to photograph just one freaking red, freaking leaf, they are taking their sweet time about it. They have sort of started to turn-there’s an odd orange here, a bright yellow there, but, really, not quite the “red, red, red, I’m RED” I was hoping for (yet!)

Still, going outside, on a sunny day, for 10 minutes with a camera and coming back with some cool botanical studies beats the hell out of “real” work (or eating a horrid frozen lunch at my desk alone) anyday, right?

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