Branching Out

BranchEndingsNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I’m dog sitting again today. Nothing new going on here. I’m actually being too lazy to take some interesting shots of some props I got recently and, horror of horrors, I’m being too lazy to even make up something to eat.

Speaking of props, it seems like, lately anyway, it’s becoming more and more about the props for me. I’m really getting “into” staging shots, getting props, enjoying the setup more than the execution. Ah well, that’s how it goes sometimes, I guess. I go through stages-sometimes I like to get out more, and sometimes, I lock myself inside to play (Cheer up! Barbara always used to say I did way more interesting work while trapped indoors.)

And, on the subject of staging, (sorry bad pun alert) it seems like the folks from the White Stripes have come out with their own Diana and Holga cameras. You can read more here: but, basically, they’ve taken the fabulous el-cheap-o cameras, pumped them out in “limited edition” (at an exhorbatant price,) and painted them all red, black, and white.

Silly me, I thought they stopped making Diana’s.

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