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So, a few weeks ago, I was sitting around thinking, “Hmm. I should start to get my house together. I should start to fix all the broken things in my life.” Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s impossible (starting with the mind and working your way down, would take an entire lifetime, right?) but, at the time, I thought it might be a good idea to try. I started with the tile, trying to fix things up after the flood, and that actually got done, although it seems to have made more work for me in the long run (now I have to paint, and move things around, and do more work to finish up the job.)

Well, in the middle of the tile installation and moulding repair jobs, the ‘fridge went out again. If it’s not one damn thing, it’s another, right? So, I called the ‘fridge repair dude who came and tried to fix it but couldn’t really, and had to come back for a few more trips. Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t walk around here, since, well, since the tile and the moulding dudes were in the middle of doing their “fu” and left the house in shambles.

Then I’m thinking, “ok, that’s it. I’ve GOT to do some laundry,” in the middle of all of this. I look down at the washer and think, “Hmm. This thing is getting old. It’s probably going to drop a knob or something,” when, sure enough, I got to turn it on and presto! The knob comes off in my hands.

The washer still worked, of course, but it’s 15 years old. It’s been getting unbalanced a lot recently (I have to keep shuttting it off, sticking my hand in there, and hoping I get my hand back-not to mention hoping my clothing just sort of “mushes” clean.) The knob falling off really was the last straw (or knob, as it were.)

I called Mom, to ask her if she thought I should try to get it repaired or get a new one. “Oh! You need to go to Sears,” she tells me, “your washing machine is older than dirt itself.” She’s right (sort of, I’m mean, dirt *has* been around a looong time but the washer is old) so I went to Sears on Sunday, to pickout a new one.

There’s a lot that’s still broken. The tile has been installed, the moulding put back, the new washer to be delivered but the car still makes that expensive knocking sound (and is horribly overdue for it’s whatever-thousand-mile checkout.) The ‘fridge is working again and I’m still in a state of semi-broken but it does sort of feel like things are getting back together again.

Hey, at least I’m going to have a new washing machine soon, right?

Until next spin cycle…


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  1. Peruby
    September 21, 2007 / 2:27 am

    Ugh! Sounds dreadful. I can almost feel one of those episodes coming along in my life, too! After so many years of living, you just know the signs.

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