Vacation Photo

TikiHutNo1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

This was my first photo from a recent trip to Kona.

An interesting thing about vacations now, in the era of digital photography, we can actually upload while we are still there. This shot was first uploaded and posted from Kona. It was kind of fun to start getting comments from people while I was still sitting under those palm trees.

I can remember the old days when you had to lug film all around the globe, get back home, and then start the daunting process of, well, processing. Ugh! i don’t miss that at all. Sure, we still have Compact Flash to clear off but it’s so much easier this way. My luggage was a lot lighter without those horrible film bags and I wasn’t limited to those 80 or so odd rolls I could stuff into a carry on.

Going digital has made travel so much easier. It makes me want to travel more.

So, where to next? Maybe the coast? New Mexico? Peru? Ireland? China? Who knows?

Until next vacation…


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