Chicago Style Voting-Early, often, and again

Please remember to vote for your favorite ipod engraving. Your choices are:

“Beware: Loitering Music”
“It’s like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic”
“If I shake it, does the music erase?”
“No sky No Earth, but sill music sounds”
“There are times when ingenuity is not enough”
“Einstein, James Bond, and Batman all rolled into one”
“Progress over Protocol”
“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are”
“Look Listen Embrace”
“Pod Pod Piddle, Click Me in the Middle”
“You can never get silence anywhere nowadays”
“I’m your way of running away without leaving home”
“I’ve grown small trying to be great”
“Lack of charisma can be fatal”
“Cures are hard to come by”
“Carol’s Other White imac”
“In wisdom gathered over time I have found…”
“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been”
“Just advertising departments with leather pants”
“Stare. Pry. Listen. Eavesdrop”
“I see no reason for recording the obvious”
“All this and I’m only a torso”
“I’m so screwed and nobody left $20 at my bedside”

Please either leave your comments at this website with your selection or email me if you please with your vote.


For starters, I’d like to send out a big, “Hello!” to some of my new readership (is that even a word? Geesh!) in So. Cal. Welcome all Bad Ass Tribers and, don’t worry your sunny heads off, I’ve no intention of quitting anytime soon (well, as long as blogger stops eating my postings, that is.) If I happen across that T-shirt online anywhere in my travels, I’ll be certain to post a link back for y’all. (Kind of like “save the whales! Collect the whole set!” only with attitude ladden T-shirts.)

In other news, one of the technical writers I work with, John, who also happens to be our Friday afternoon bar keep, poker teacher, and Evil Baked Goods card carrying member, has gone on vacation this week. Now, normally, this would not be cause for concern (we can all just do shots until he gets back and, Lord knows, the baking continues!) but his leaving has left it’s own little mark on our collective missing brain cells.

You know those (usually very annoying) vacation answering machine email programs they have? The ones that usually say stuff like,

“FRED is away until…DATE…if you have any urgent need, please contact SALLY (or some other poor unsuspecting SAP who doesn’t know what hit them.) FRED will be back from trout fishing on the 39th. See you then!”

Or, some such thing. They usually drive me bonkers (not that it’s really a long way off, mind you.)

I call these annoying because, well, they serve to remind me that I’m stuck in the office, probably helping to do Fred’s job too, while he’s away sunbathing in the Alaskan winter fog, dodging jumping trout, playing with rare long-horned rhinos, or some such thing. (Come to think of it, maybe Fred is off with Ted, stocking vending machine or finding lost socks in laundromats across the globe. But, that’s a topic for another day. And I have pictures to prove that I found your sock in that laundromat, mind you. Just wait, you’ll see.)

Well, this time, the email I got back from our technical writer/Evil Baker/bartender/poker teaching friend made me laugh so hard, I do believe I’ve ruptured what was left of my spleen (those of you astute readers will remember that I ruptured the first part of it while laughing at the top 500 list of ipod engravings.) Ok, well, maybe the spleen’s still intact but it made me chuckle a bit…

I am out of the office until April 12th. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the following people:

Need technical documents: Cathy
Need liquor: Thomas
Need to jam: Heather
Need to gamble: Stephen
Need advice on coping with sullen teenagers: Margaret

Now, something tells me that Cathy’s going to have a nice, quiet week but, I suspect (I’m really going out on a limb here) that Thomas and Stephen are going to have one hopping time of it while John’s on vacation. I hope you fellows are ready for the onslaught of drinking poker-playing parents of sullen teenages on Friday afternoon. (Incoming! Like fer sure.)

Just call it a hunch.

Until next time…



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