Broken Window

BrokenWindow1, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

Ok, for those who are paying attention, here’s the order of shooting from last weekend. (You’ll have to kind of imagine it like one of those Family Circus comic strips, and fill in your own dotted lines, circles, and arrows.)

We met at Kruetz’s (the famous BBQ joint) then headed to the jail house. We shot at the jail house, went downstairs to the museum and shot there for a while (this is where the dress forms and antiques were stashed.) Then we went to the ice house, found the glowing tree, walked behind it, shot some more (I mananged to fend off the urge to shoot more tree bark,) and drove off to the abandoned school house.

After we shot there for a while, we drove back into town, stopping to park near the Wig-Head-O-Rama and stumbled upon “stinky alley” before we came back to shoot more of the wig heads and the store fronts. Then, it was back to the BBQ joint and back to Austin. Got it? Good. (I think that’s the correct order of events anyway.)

This was taken at the ice house. It will become part of my series titled “vertigo” which is, yes it’s true, yet another title ripped off from U2. I’m not a *huge* U2 fan but, damn, they come up with some good titles photographers can rip off easily (They gave us: electrical storm, even better than the real thing, vertigo, joshua tree, all that you can’t leave behind, and the list keeps on growing. Thanks, Bono!)

I swear Bono was a photographer in a past life. Somehow, I could just imagine him stumbling down “stinky alley” with an old view camera in tow, couldn’t you? Well, ok, maybe he’d have a Diana, a lomo, or, perhaps, a Digital Rebel, a laptop, and a “maxi pod” instead.

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