Quick Hits

Quick Hits

I’m still feeling miserable so this one’s going to be quick.

Here’s the latest news:

  • My horrible cold has progressed to the point where I’ve now got a nice healthy cough. I feel like I’ve been hanging with the “4 pack a day” club.
  • I can’t stand to be at home for more than 2 days in a row. If I see another episode of Jerry Springer, I swear, I’m going to smack up the transexual be-atch myself, I’m not going to wait for the nice man in the pink feather boa and high heeled pumps to chirp in and start the smackdown.
  • You would think that Tivo would be a big help here. I’m now officially afraid of it. It seems to think I’m some kind of criminal. At least, after telling it to record every episode of Law & Order known to mankind, it seems to think I want to watch things like, “cold case files,” and “true crimes of the 20th century.” Although I must admit the docudrama I saw the other night on Jeffrey Dahmer was quite interesting, it’s really starting to scare me. My Tivo has developed a mind of it’s own and is basically brewing up a how-to episode-by-episode guide on how to commit the perfect murder. It has me wondering who, exactly, it plans to kill (and how, exactly, it’s going to finger me.)
  • The TREE is still in the yard and it’s only gotten taller from what I can tell. This is probably due to the fact that Charlie has taken to diligently watering it (and, in case you’re wondering, no he hasn’t learned how to drag the hose. Use your imagination here, people, please, I’m too sick to be explicit. Well, as explicit as is normal for me, anyway.)

Please stop sending me hate-a-grams. I really am too sick to blog. I promise, once the hacking cough goes and the voice comes back, I’ll take it up again.

Until next time…


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