No, No, No, Not me, I’m not Negative

No, No, No, Not me, I’m not Negative

People usually associate bad things with negative words. I suppose there’s a reason for that, although we seldom collectively look at the good words, which just happen to be negative.

Unbound, unbroken, unchained, unbridled, disengaged, unopposed, obtuse, unconditional, these are all negative words, although I might agrue that they are, in fact, “good” words that just happen to be negative. Kind of like that cartoon a few years back, where the animated character kept insisting she “wasn’t bad but was just drawn that way,” these words have kind of a negative draw, although more often than not, our meaning is derived from context, and there’s nothing inherently negative about them.

All of this talk of negativity got me to thinking. Can something really be truly negative? What does “negative” really imply? Isn’t negative really different from “bad” which is what we are trying to avoid? Is it all just the polar opposite of “positive” anyway?

When you go to the Doctor’s office, usually, a “negative” test result is what you’re hoping for. So, does this make the “negative” really a positive? All of our electricity hinges upon negative electrons orbiting the atom, wouldn’t this again make the “negative” something “positive” (I mean, we do put electricity to very good use, don’t we?) Truth is, there’s so much positive about being negative, but we seldom recognize it.

A lot of folks have told me recently that my attitude has grown quite “negative.” I suppose, on some level, I should take this as a compliment. But, I don’t. And the reason I don’t is that, while I agree that the negative isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, I don’t consider myself “negative” all the much in the first place. I mean, sure, I’ve been sort of downtrodden as of late, but this is all part of the natural cycle of life’s little lifts, bumps, slides, grinds, and passions. I take it in stride for, perhaps as soon as next week, I shall be back to my old chipper self, and may actually miss the pratical realist that was once me. There’s nothing negative about that now, is there?

No, quite reading my danged blogger and get back to work, you big naught.

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