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I’ve got Rocks in My Head

On my head, actually, I’ve got rocks on my head. This morning, about 4:30 am CST, I was woken up by a loud thunderhead, bright lightening, and golf ball sized hail. Charlie slept through it all. I jolted up in bed, realizing that I sleep underneath a window, which is not a very safe and comfortable place to be when the inevitable twister hits. Meanwhile, Charlie was fast asleep, paying no mind to the approaching storm.

I put on the TV and found a weather channel, which reported that Cedar Park, the sleepy little bedroom community in which I live, was “purple” on the map. “This indicates the potential for 2 in hail,” cited the man on the TV. They showed maps of my ‘hood, with lots of surrounding purple and a plume of red thrown in for good measure. Harsh storms ripped through the night, waking me up and making me really glad I was inside. My neighbor’s dog was outside and I could hear her howls of discontent. I felt truely sorry for her. It was not a good night to be left outside in the rain. Charlie remained comfortable on the bed, and didn’t blink until well after the storms passed. How does he do that?

The storms left everything wet, as we got an accompanying (obligatory actually) four inches of rain. So, I guess the sum total of all my early morning adventure is that now I do not have to water for a few days. That and, if you really want to wake-up Charlie, you’d better get something louder than a thunderbolt. That dog can sleep through anything.

As an aside, I sent my folks a link to the Austin Cocker Rescue web site. They have available on the site what appears to be a Cocker-poo (possibly a cocker-poo, they don’t know for sure.) My mother was sent into a tizzy of delight when she heard about this, as she bears fond memories of Sandy, my first dog. Sandy was a cocker-poo and was a loyal comanion of mine from the time I was four years old until about 16, when we had to put him down. I believe we will be going this Saturday to checkout the Cocker-poo, although I’m not sure. It’s been a little soon after Max to really think about getting a new dog, I suppose. Although last week we did go to Petsmart to checkout the adoption day. They had nothing but larger dogs, which my folks cannot do. Even though there was a rather friendly black lab who took a liking to Charlie. I think she will fare better with the Cocker Rescue, as they specialize in smaller dogs and she’s really needing a runt, if she gets a dog at all.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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