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No News is Good News

I know I haven’t been posting too much lately. (There is not, in fact “dust on my submit button” as some have suggested in recently received nasty grams/bulk emails.) I’ve just been busy. And sick. And sick of being busy. And too busy to be sick, really.

I have finally given up, succumbed to the pressure, and purchased a Hasselblad camera. If you do not know what this is, count your blessings as it’s actually some sort of glorified money pit, to which I am now infinately contributing. All that and it takes pictures too, ok?

Since, in my infinite wisdom, I discerned that I am infinately broke, I have hobbled together this Hasselblad from various used sources (yes, I know about ebay, geesh, do you think I was rasied by emacs hackers or something?) This entire process has left me tired and rather busy, trying to assemble the likes of an expensive camera from parts including duct tape. Yes, I know, I should just blow the money but, hey, I don’t want to eat PBandJ for the rest of my life, ok? Please don’t give me anymore crap, as my crap quotient has recently reached new unexpected heights and I can no longer pile it in the back yard without getting complaints from the neighbors.

I promise I will post more in the next few weeks. Please don’t send additional spam my way. No I don’t want to enlarge my penis and I can’t lose 10 pounds before this holiday season. I’m not bitter, just busy, and itching to get out and use the new camera gear. If you must, send next week’s winning lottery numbers my way, as I sure could use them.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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