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My Mr. Right

So I was talking to somebody the other day, one of my female friends, and the talk turned, once again, to romance. (Do women talk about anything else?) As I was busy affirming my marital status, making comments like, “I enjoy being single,” she was making comments like, “I wish I could find a guy who…”

Do all women walk around with this laundry list of qualities which make a guy “good?” It’s like we’ve got some sort of checklist, like we’re going grocery shopping for mates or something. Ok, I need fruit and eggs and…I’ll take a tall guy who like kittens and who enjoys long walks on the beach. Geesh. You’d think we were some kind of robots or something. It’s not like that in reality. I’d like a guy who would like me back, and that’s all I really looking for. I mean, is there really something wrong with being compatible, enjoying each other’s company, and finding a companion who doesn’t pee on my rug? (Sorry, Charlie, you almost slipped in there. Yes, it’s the peeing on the rug part, little buddy.) Must I go through life with this invisible list of things to look out for? And what happens if he has some of them but not others? And what if he’s got a list and I don’t measure up to it? *Sigh*

I believe this is why I can’t deal with Valentines Day. Romance is too complicated. Now it’s entirely possible that I’m getting progressively dumber as I get older but, somehow, I just can’t take all the complexity of romance. It’s too hard knowing what color roses mean what or why I have to “play” hard to get. How do I know if I’m sending the wrong signal? I would much rather deal with the obvious, the real-life in your face kind of reality, not this land of make believe. I guess I’m a simple person at heart and I prefer things I can look at, play with, enjoy, touch, feel, smell, etc. without having to worry about all the underlying cruft that comes along for the ride. Romance has too much baggage.

If I did have to make a laundry list I suppose it would have some of these: He’d have to like photography, or put up with me doing it. He’d have to be smart, at least smarter than I am (hey, don’t laugh, that rules some guys right out.) He’d have to be somewhat mentally stable (one of us has to be, right?) He’d have to be funny and somewhat charming. He definately would have to be able to make me laugh and he would have to respect my independent nature. In actuality, HE would have to have read this blog and subsequently not run away screaming. Yeah, that’s the main thing I would look for in Mr. Right, I suppose.

As an aside, I happened upon another internet question today. What’s your favorite word? I shall post mine in a later topic.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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