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Another Cold Tuesday in River City

It’s 30 degrees today in Austin. Phew. That’s cold for us down here. When it gets below 40, I cease to exist. Yup. Carol’s Little World folds up, packs itself into a suitcase, and takes up residence on some distant tropical island. Either that, or I’m planning on moving to Equador. It must be warmer there; it’s closer to the Equator. It must be closer to the Equator, since it has the word embedded in its name. So, it’s off to Equador I go. Although my father says, “be careful. There are mountains there. It might get cold.” He’s probably right as he’s very good with geography. He’s good with other stuff too, but he’s very good with geography.

Speaking of all things good, it’s time for me to give some opintions. It’s too cold to do anything else. OK, so here goes.

Equador good. Iceland bad. Right now, very bad.

Hawaii good. Alaska bad. Pretty, but bad. (Good in the summer, however)

England good, Italy better. France ok except for the people. Africa very good except for the ebola. China good. Japan good. India very good. Especially the beach and the gardens.

Coffee good. Tea good. Water good. Colombian coffee better. Earl Grey tea really good.

Rice cakes good. Doritoes better. Baked ziti really good. (I am actually a good cook, which will leave as a topic for another day.)

Tao Bo good but bad (painful) the next day. Running good, bike riding good. Walking good.

Photography good. Art good. TV bad. Reading good (especially fantasy and good, classical fiction)

I think that’s enough opinions for one Tuesday. At some point, I will rant on with more details but, until then, my tea is finished brewing and it’s too cold to type in here so….

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in “Carol’s Little World” signing off.


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